Today’s Apple Feedback: High Sierra is a Heavy Sleeper

Since upgrading recently to High Sierra, I’ve been dealing with the fact that my keyboard would no longer wake my computer from the screen saver.  All keyboard presses (other than modifier keys) would only cause the computer to beep (and screen-flash, since I set that in the accessibility preferences).  I finally decided to resolve this issue today, since I am between projects.  It took awhile to dig up a solution via google search-term tinkering, so I thought I would share a work-around I found here.

Briefly, to work-around this issue and get your mac to wake up upon any keyboard press, you must open up System Preferences, click the Mission Control preferences pane, and turn on “Displays have separate spaces”:


Note, you will have to log out and back in (no restart required though), as is noted in the gray message next to the setting seen in the image above.  After that, the keyboard should start being able to wake your computer.  If you turn this setting back off & log out/in, the problem will recur, so unfortunately, if you have multiple displays, are experiencing this issue, and don’t want them to have separate spaces, you’re out of luck.  I suggest you submit feedback to Apple, as I did below:

Keyboard presses & mouse motion don’t wake from screen saver since High Sierra upgrade

Since installing High Sierra, I have been unable to wake my computer from the screen saver using the keyboard. All keyboard presses result in a beep/screen-flash (since I have that set). A work-around described here works:

By turning on “Displays have separate spaces” in the Mission Control system prefs, logging out, & back in, the problem no longer occurs. The problem can be made to recur by reversing that process.

I have 10.13.3 (which is not listed below in the select list).