How to get an iPhone 11 or SE (2nd gen) to connect calls through an Airave 2.5 – and why you shouldn’t bother

My wife and I each got new iPhones recently (exactly a month ago today). We had some difficulty getting our phones to make calls initially, but that’s another story, as is the story of the erroneous double charge for the Sprint upgrade/activation (both Apple and Sprint charged for the same activation and I’d been signed up without consent for the Sprint Complete protection plan!). I think in the past month, we’ve spent nearly 10 hours combined speaking to Sprint reps for all the issues, possibly more (and there’s probably a call yet to be had to address an incomplete refund for those erroneous charges).

But I digress, so let me jump straight into the how-to to reconnect your iPhone to the Airave 2.5… Continue reading