How to Create Real Recurring Location-based iOS Reminders

Inexplicably, iOS Reminders do not have a repeat option underneath their “Remind me at a location” setting when creating a reminder, or a “Remind me next time” (…I arrive here) selection when you hard-press a reminder notification. ┬áThe only way to hackily get repeated location-based reminders is to never mark them as completed. ┬áThe problem with that way of dealing with location-based reminders is that 1. they eventually disappear from your notifications and 2. you cannot tell whether you’ve actually completed the reminded task or it is still yet to be done.

I have figured out a way to create recurring location-based reminders using:

  1. iCloud synchronized Reminders
  2. IFTTT
  3. Dropbox
  4. Folder action on an always-on computer

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