Hey Siri, when is the next bus home?

I just put the finishing touches on my bus shortcuts on my iPhone.  It always bugged me that I couldn’t ask Siri “When’s the next bus to work?” or “When’s the next bus home?”.  NJ Transit has a web interface called My Bus Now and I always have it up on a first gen iPad in the bathroom in the morning, but frequently, as I’m rushing around to make it to the bus, I want to do a quick time check to see how far away the bus is.  My hands aren’t always free or I don’t want to stop running around, unlock the phone, navigate my home screen, tap my homescreen shortcut, put my glasses on, wait for the page to load, and look at the screen to make sure it’s the right bus route (which I frequently miss and sit there at the stop kicking myself for not noticing the next bus was for a different route number).  It’s much faster, accurate, and more efficient to just say “He Siri, when’s the next bus to work?”, with all those details taken care of for me.  With Siri Shortcuts in iOS 12, this is now possible.

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