Today’s Apple Feedback: Underlined Event Day in Mail Wrong When Tap-creating an Event

I’d been victim to this bug and forgetting about work meetings a few times recently – and I knew I’d created an event with a reminder for each forgotten meeting! Luckily the meetings were in my office and I was in the vicinity the couple times it had happened recently (and this tends to happen for Monday meetings most frequently). This morning, Friday May 11, I got a confirmation email for a meeting at 1:30 on Monday.  I underlined that text, because that’s how it appeared in Mail, as you’ll see in the screenshot below.  Apple had detected the event time/day text and underlined it so that I could conveniently create a meeting appointment in my calendar app and I knew it would have my default 1-day prior alert. So I tapped the text and entered the meeting title and location and observed that the default-entered time was from 1:30 to 2:30.  I didn’t check the day!  But I knew that events had gone missing in the past, so after creating the event, I set a reminder to double-check it was still there when I got to work.  I had assumed that the events were somehow getting deleted via some sync issue.

When I got to work, I double-checked my calendar and the event wasn’t there!  I then searched my calendar and discovered that the event had been created for Thursday May 10th instead of the expected Monday May 14th!  And today (when I created the event) is Friday May 11th!  Thus, Today’s Apple (iPhone) Feedback:

Taping underlined event time/day in mail creates event yesterday instead of underlined weekday

On Friday May 11, I created an event via the underlined text: “1:30 on Monday” in Mail on my iPhone 6S. I’d noticed events created on my iPhone going missing in the past, so I created a reminder to check my calendar when I got in. It was missing!, so I searched for it. It had been created for Thursday (yesterday!). I hadn’t touched the day when I created the event. All I had done was add a title & enter a location. I observed the time was 1:30, but hadn’t double-checked the day. I just did it again & it’s still creating the event on Thursday!:

Please fix this. If the underlined text tapped says “Monday”, should be created on Monday by default!

Note, I had pasted URLs to my screenshots because Apple’s feedback form doesn’t allow you to attach images.

I’m guessing that the wrong day possibly came from the fact that the email thread discussing a possible meeting time started on Thursday.  Plus, the first underlined proposal of 1:30 didn’t have a day of the week underlined with it.  So my guess is that that underlined time got associated with the current day (even though it was past 1:30 on Thursday when we started emailing about meeting).  And it seems possible, albeit not a good design decision, that when you tap underlined text to create an event in Mail, that despite the particulars of the specific underlined text, that Apple is re-parsing the entire email to extract what it thinks the intended day & time of the event is likely to be.  It’s just getting it wrong in this case.

If you don’t want to miss meetings because of this but, please consider echoing my Apple Feedback.

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