Automatically create iOS reminders based on events added to a subscribed google calendar

My wife just got a new job which has an irregular schedule and long hours.  Unfortunately, I’d gotten accustomed to the fact that she always took care of feeding the cat and scooping her litter before I ever even thought about it.  Now, a few weeks into this new job, I’m getting myself in trouble when I forget to feed the cat or scoop the litter.  I imagine I’ll eventually get used to it, but until I do, I devised a clever way to get automatic reminders without me having to ask my wife her schedule every week and manually create the reminders, which means I’ll be less likely to forget.  Hopefully, I’ll start to get used to the routine and I’ll be able to delete this reminder scheme, but until then, here’s how I managed to do it.

First off, a reminder at the time she leaves/arrives was out of the question.  She pulls a 12 hour work day and leaves way before me and comes home way after me.  I’m all about timely reminders, so I needed something around the time I’m getting ready for work and something around the time I get home.  If I really wanted to make this fancy, I’d have somehow linked this to my motion sensor at the front door, but for right now, that’s a bit too hard to do with WeMo – not enough ways to create WeMo rules via IFTTT.

So what I used was IFTTT’s google calendar channel (set to my wife’s shared work calendar) and the dropbox channel to create a file with a few event details.  Unfortunately you can only set the entire google calendar to a single google calendar.  It’s not per recipe.  (I’ve had a similar complaint with the weather channel only tied to a single location.)

I created the recipe like this:


Note, you must create a folder in your dropbox whose only purpose is to create reminders.  To that you must attach a folder action.  You can click this image to get to the github gist of the script to download it.  Save the script in ~/Library/Scripts/Folder Action Scripts:


Then navigate to the folder you created in the dropbox and attach the script as a folder action.  You may need to also enable folder actions in the resulting window by checking the checkbox at the top left corner:


Now, whenever my wife creates a work event with the word “work” in the title, it will create 2 reminders for me: Feed the cat at 9am and scoop the litter at 7pm.

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