Today’s Apple Feedback: More Rules for Smart Playlists’ Playlists

The other day, when I was preparing my DJ set for a Swing Dance, I went to tweak one of my smart playlists that I maintain to help me keep from re-DJ’ing a song that I’ve recently DJ’d.  The smart playlist is called “Last Few Playlists”, and it contains all the songs from playlists that I’ve recently DJ’d.  It is populated using a series of  “Playlist is…” rules.  When I sit down to prepare my set, I update that smart playlist to be sure it contains about the last 4 sets I have recently DJ’d.  Then I have a series of smart playlists I use to create the set which include a rule to ensure that any song is not in the “Last Few Playlists” playlist.

Well, while I was editing the “Last Few Playlists” playlist, I accidentally started the new rule off with “Name…” instead of “Playlist…” and I didn’t realize the mistake and looked at the next select list which contained things like “matches/contains/etc” and I was like “Wow! a new feature! Now I don’t need to manually maintain this smart playlist anymore!”  But then I noticed my mistake and discovered that the playlist rule only includes “is” and “is not”.  So, that prompted Today’s Apple Feedback about iTunes’ smart playlists:

I DJ at swing dances a lot & I don’t want to repeat a song that I’ve played in the past month or so, so I have some smart playlists to help me with this. 1 of those playlists is called “Last Few Playlists” which contains rules that I manually maintain, like “Playlist is swingdance1”, “Playlist is swingdance2”, … I realized that I wouldn’t need to remember to manually maintain this list if you add a few new rule abilities for playlists, which I will give you some examples of:

Playlist name matches/contains ____ limited to __#__ selected by (e.g.) most recently created
Playlist created on/before/after/between ____ limited to __#__ selected by (e.g.) most recently created

If you added these abilities, I would not need to tweak any smart playlists whenever I am preparing my DJ set.

If Apple adds this feature, I could make my “Last Few Playlists” playlist always contain, for example, the last 4 swing dance playlists I have created.  I’m geeking out at the possibilities.  I love automation!