Today’s Apple Feedback: “Go home Siri, you’re drunk – no, not *my* home!”

When you’re driving, getting an accurate verbal confirmation from Siri about reminders she creates is important. The whole point of using Siri is so you do not have to look away from the road.  When you ask Siri to create a reminder, she speaks it back to you and asks you to confirm that it’s correct, and that’s great.  In fact, it works implicitly when the places you are using to trigger the reminders are your own: your home or your work, etc..  However, when you are using someone else’s address (e.g. from your contact cards), Siri refers to those places as if they were your house or your office, necessitating a quick look away from the road to be sure she got it right, hence Today’s Apple Feedback:

When I ask Siri to give me a reminder when I get to or leave from a person’s house or workplace (other than my own house or workplace), she verbally confirms that she will remind me ‘when I get home’ or ‘when you get to work’, which implies *my house* or *my office*. The displayed reminder location says (e.g.) “[person’s name’s] home”. It seems that that is what Siri should be speaking. Here is a screenshot example:


Probably, not many people use all of Siri’s capabilities like I do, especially for reminders at locations other than one’s own home or work, but having an accurate confirmation is very important for safety reasons.  Siri knows that places are not my home or my workplace, in fact she displays the reminder with a specification of where the reminder will be triggered, so there’s no reason she can’t say (e.g.) “Here’s your reminder for when you get to your mom’s Home“.

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