Deleted Emails Linger in Yahoo Accounts: Root Them Out!

This week, I responded to a message in a yahoo group, which I rarely do. It was the only response to the message which had been reposted just days ago, so I figured they wanted a response. I was surprised then that a couple days had passed without one, so I logged in to send another message. This time, I was using my phone and when I got to the compose interface, it showed that I still had an old email address as the email I was “sending from”. I thought, “Oh, well that’s why I didn’t get a response. I didn’t update my yahoo account when my old email address got deleted.” So I sent a quick message, noting that they should respond to my new email address, and then went about updating my account info.

However, once I got to my account page’s “Email Preferences” tab, it showed that I had already updated the account with 2 new email addresses and had already deleted the old one.  I then double-checked the yahoo group message interface and noted on my computer that it doesn’t even show what email you’re “sending from”. I switched back to my phone to compose the message, and there it was, the old email address again!


Looking back on my computer to try and find evidence of the lingering old email address, I noted a message at the top saying “Your email address <old-email-here> is bouncing! Click here to Unbounce or see More Info.”


Both of those links insisted on making my profile public, which I did not want to get into. Besides, I didn’t know what “unbounce” meant – all I wanted to do was delete it.

I started googling around and found (surprisingly) zero information about how to fully delete an email address from your yahoo account that doesn’t show up under the “Email Preferences” tab (which is why I decided to create this post).

As it turned out, I found where it was that the old email was lingering in my account. It was under the “Manage My Groups” tab in my account settings:


So if you ever delete an email from your yahoo account, and even if you assign a new email address as your primary email address, make note that you will have to delete the old email address again under the “Manage My Groups” tab.  The next time you go to edit that page, your old email address will have disappeared.

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