Today’s Apple Feedback: Siri can’t find my contacts

This same issue happened last week when I told Siri to call my mom, but when that happened, I was driving and didn’t bother to screen cap. This time it happened when I tried to use Siri to text my wife while walking. Siri responds saying she doesn’t have a phone number for her. See my screen caps below:

Siri saying she doesn’t know my wife’s number:

The contact card for my wife with her phone number (which I blacked out for privacy):

I just tried using Siri again to text my wife and this time, it worked, so I’m not sure whether this is a 1-time thing for each of my contacts or whether it’s going to happen to me randomly now.

Of course, you might say there’s a typo in the name or something, but I told Siri to text “my wife” each time – one time that worked, and the first time, when it didn’t work.  Each time, it correctly identified my wife’s name.  The only difference is that the first time, Siri claimed she didn’t have a phone number for her.  I checked my contacts, and there’s no duplicates and there’s not anyone’s name that’s even remotely close to my wife’s name.  Same goes for my mom.

I’ve noticed some weird contact card issues lately and I’m guessing it’s related.  I had some duplicates pop up.  I had edited a bunch of cards about a week ago and over the past week, I’d noted that some of the info I’d manually entered was missing – like my wife’s new phone number.  Yes, she got a new number, and you might say that could be related, but none of my mom’s info had changed and Siri forgot her number a few days ago.

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