Today’s Apple Feedback: Space-Switching Inconsistency

I use a lot of desktops (formerly know to OSX as “spaces”).  Each desktop has windows open relating to a different project and when I split my time between two different active projects, I switch desktops.  This occurs infrequently, but maybe a couple times a day.  I find it rather disorienting and disruptive when I accidentally get thrown to an apparently random desktop for one reason or another, so I have set my system preferences accordingly, and that works fairly well for every application… except for the Finder – the app I arguably use most frequently. If you use the dock to switch apps instead of command-tab, and you frequently use multiple desktops, you may have noticed this inconsistency that frsutrates me every day, and it’s exacerbated by the fact that the animation doesn’t intuitively tell you how far you have to go to get back to the desktop you were just on.  Thus, today’s Apple feedback:

Finder’s Space-Switching Behavior is Inconsistent with Other Apps

In the Mission Control system prefs pane, I have “When switching to an application, switch to a space with open windows for the application” *UN*checked. I like that if I click any app in the dock twice, it will still switch spaces despite that setting, yet clicking it once will not switch spaces (as long as it’s not the foremost app). However, this behavior is different for the Finder depending on whether or not there are any finder windows open on the current space. If no windows are present and the finder is not foremost, a single click of the app in the dock will switch spaces despite the system preference setting. This is inconsistent because the same conditions for any other app (e.g. Safari) will not do this any stay on the current space. This inconsistency disrupts my productivity.

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